I came across Vampire By Blood after a period of reading books outside of the Vampire genre, so I was a craving a good Vampire Tale.

Although the focus in this novel is more on Faery than Vampire, I’m sure that focus is going to shift slightly as the series goes on.

Cyndi Faria

Vampire by Blood (Book 1 of the Faeted Vampire Series)

Struggling to choose between Vampires or the Fae?

With this novel, you don’t have to, you get the best of both worlds!

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Book review of the paranormal horror fiction - Vampire By Blood - the first book in the Faeted series by Cyndi Faria - the book cover shown on a backdrop of red velvet and army camo, with military dog tags and the combs of a hairdresser in the photo.

Sorry Inkers and vamps!

We were unable to secure an excerpt of this book for your gory pleasure.

The World Of Vampire By Blood

We learn from the very start of the book that witches are real in this world, so it’s reasonable to assume that Vampires and other creatures exist too.

Tricia lives in a small town, with all the joy and terrors that small-town living brings. She was brought up by a friend of her Grandmother’s and was raised next to her best friend, Riley who goes off to war (Afghanistan?) and doesn’t come home.

The Characters Of Vampire By Blood

Tricia is easy to like and is my kind of heroine. She stands her ground, asks questions and demands to hear the answers. She may be in distress but she’s no damsel.

Ella is the woman who raised Tricia and continues to guide her after her death. She’s an interesting addition to the book and I found myself wanting to know more about her.

Riley Sweetwater is Tricia’s best friend, they’ve grown up together and this moved into romance shortly before Riley went off to war. We do find out what happened to him there which has a huge bearing on the rest of the book.  I liked him, but I found myself getting a bit frustrated with his soldier mentality.

Twelve hours ago, I believed I was a fae in transition. Now I’m talking with my dead guardian and suspect I’m Princess of Faery. I pull into my driveway, thankful to be alone, and wonder if I’m on the same planet I woke on this morning.

My dress is caked in guts, chunks of I-don’t-know-what and I-don’t-want-to-know-what are tacked to my hair. I stare at my hands, the pink flesh gleaming back at me all innocent. I smell like iron. Soot sears my arms and my skin’s taken on a pale tone from the dust.

Things We Love About This Book

The story is told from both Tricia’s point of view and Riley’s but it tells you at the start of each chapter, who you’re going to be reading from. You don’t really need to be told though, as the characters are well-developed enough that it’s easy to differentiate between the speakers.

There are lots of different twists and turns throughout the book and a couple of interesting surprises that you may or may not see coming.

The two main characters are likeable, interesting and human. I’m expecting big things from the next books and I’m hoping we’ll learn more about the history of some of the minor characters.

If You Love…

If you like your Vampires with bite, not sparkles, and your Fae political struggles, you’re going to love this book.

Fans of Charlaine Harris and the Sookie Stackhouse novels will enjoy the humor and the political twists and turns.

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Fiona Tate

Fiona Tate

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