Meet the Ink & Blood Team

photo of punk girl Mollie Fire sitting on steps and wearing knee high combat boots, Mollie is the founder of Ink & Blood Club and is passionate about helping fiction authors be discovered and sell a million books.

Mollie Fire

Founder, Fantasy Fiction Writer, Marketing Nerd

As a massive introvert, Mollie prefers reading to socializing. But if you create the next Rhysand, Valek, or Rowan, she'll be your new bff.

Even if your novel isn't ready for the bestseller list, she can be easily persuaded to divulge all her marketing secrets for a dram of Talisker scotch.

Her dream is to use her writing skills to translate Japanese manga into English.

She works from a hausboat where the waves influence everything she writes.

She donates most of her profits and as such lives the life of a low-class rogue and survives off the kindness of commenters on her social media posts.

photo of Fiona Tate - Wordcaster, Copywriter, Deliciously Dark Writer. She has bright red hair cut short in a punky style, blue eyes, and a mysterious look on her face.

Fiona Tate

Wordcaster, Editor, Writer

Fiona Tate, also known as Countess Drusilla Steele, is a Copywriter and Wordcaster for Deliciously Dark businesses. She has a thing for Vampires, dead singers, and books of all flavors.

Fiona creates word spells from her crypt, located somewhere near the seaside in New Zealand.

She’s known in her community as The Vampire Lady, and for creating her own words when she can’t find something else suitable.

Her latest word creation is Valtie, which is a word to describe women who are childless not by choice. It stands for Valued, Valkyrie, Auntie..

photo closeup of woman's face. She is looking down and smiling.

Sofia Garcês

Graphic Designer

Sofia Garcês is a Designer, Illustrator & lover of books, travel and Harry Potter. 😍
She loves supporting rebel entrepreneurs spark world changing revolutions!

She believes that together we have the power to transform our reality and build things that matter!

A nomad by heart you’ll often find her working away on her client’s designs in some random coffee shop somewhere in the world.