You just keep writing.

We’ll make sure fans line up to buy your book.

Grow your fan base

Sell out your book tours

Hit the best-sellers list

You put your blood, sweat, and YEARS into writing this book.

Even if you haven’t started the final draft yet, it’s time to start building a fan base.

Building an audience for your books is easy, but it takes time.

Yet, many fiction writers would rather

fight fire-breathing robots or crawl through caves of ancient evil

than do their own marketing!

Because social media feels like death by a thousand cuts...

Knowing what to talk about is trickier than learning High Valyrian backwards...

And promoting your own book feels lonelier than your all-is-lost chapter...

Most authors don’t realize....

that marketing can be as FUN as world-building or character development.

And that’s OK! Because hardly anyone teaches you how to make it fun!

All you need is a magical grimoire to show you how or a team of wizards to do it for you.

We've got both!

We get fiction. Everyone on the Ink & Blood marketing team is writing and publishing fiction of their own.

As a massive introvert (and fantasy writer) myself, I know how hard it is to put down the pen and describe what you’re doing for an online audience.

But when I’m not writing, I’m a total marketing nerd.

I genuinely enjoy the art of growing audiences and connecting fans with their favorite authors and aspiring authors with editors and agents.

So I mixed these 2 elements together in a cauldron on a moonless night and found a way to make marketing easier for fantastical writers like myself and the rest of the Inkers.

And what I discovered is that marketing is a lot more fun when you’re talking about fantasy worlds, magic, time travel, steampunk gadgets, mythical creatures, blood, gore, and alllll that good stuff!

Show me how
Marketing and publicity for fiction authors and fiction books. Red book with black feather quill pen. White lettering on book says we're passionate about fiction because we're writers too!

That’s why Ink & Blood shows you how to
market like a magician.

Social media is your new magic wand and we’re going to show you how to wield it!

Our magical marketing grimoires will show you how to promote your books and grow your fan base, using all the imagination and creativity that goes into your writing.

Our team of mages and wizards will gladly take all of it off your plate so you can keep writing and leave the book promotion, book reviews, Amazon pages, fan excitement, and pre-order sales to the experts.

How it works


First, check out the writing/marketing timeline to see where you fit in.

Marketing Map

Then, sign up for your Marketing Map ~ a hand-crafted map of where you are in your publishing journey and how to reach your book sales goals in the time frame you have between now and when your book is available to buy.

Choose your grimoire or work with wizards

Then choose whether you want to learn how to work the magic yourself, or if you’d rather turn it over to our team of wizards.

Don’t struggle in obscurity!

Grow your fan base today and let those books fly off the shelves!